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Firestore FS-C and 24F HDV

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  • Firestore FS-C and 24F HDV

    I shot some footage on a Canon XH-A1 set at SD, 16:9, 24F mode. I used a tapeless acquisition setting on a Focus Enhancements FS-C. I tried both Canopus AVI and AVI TYPE2 24P methods of importing footage into the FS-C.

    When I import the media to Edius Broadcast the footage is 4:3!! and very ugly.

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    You'll need to adjust the aspect ratio in EDIUS as AVIs don't have a standard method of storing pixel or frame aspect ratio (WMP 11 seems to 'cheat' like EDIUS does by recognizing certain resolutions and assuming they're 16x9).

    Not sure what you mean by ugly, but remember that 16x9 DV is anamorphic, so you're really still working with 720x480 resolution, now stretched into a 16x9 frame, so each pixel is larger.