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  • heroglyph

    Using Heroglyph's templates work fine when using the program as a stand alone. When using a template in Edius the titles are there but the backgrounds won't load. There is just a black screen. My graphics card is an nvidia 5600 with the latest drivers. P4 3gig 2gigs of ram. Intel board. Latest Edius 6. Any help appreciated.

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    Can i know the version of Heroglyph you are using, if it is version 2.6 then you should not be getting these problems if not then i edge you to get the latest update or reinstall the application.
    EDIUS 9.5 /Win 10 x64 Dell T5600 INTEL Xeon 16 core @2.66GHz 32GB RAM /NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1660TI, SSD SAMSUNG 500GB PRIMARY, WD 5.5TB STORAGE, 2x WD500GB ASSETS, heroglyph 4.0, Sony AVCHD cam, Canon DSLRs.
    Sys 2: Asus ROG G75series


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      It is 2.6 and I have re-installed the program 3 times. Could it be a setting in Edius? The overlay works fine when I run the program in stand alone mode. My graphic card works fine with everything else, Nvidea 5600. Yes, I have the latest updates. Any help appreciated.


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        I did answer this question earlier in a duplicate post. But anyway...
        Heroglyph is GPU intensive. You need a graphics card with at least 256Mb memory and preferably 512Mb. The 5000 series won't cut the mustard. In the nvidia range you need an 8800 series or above.
        Having said that, you can use lesser cards but it will always be problematic.


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          I was responding to Alphabeta's question but that's OK I appreciate the help. I used Prodad's video card utility to check my graphics card and it said the card was fine to use. Something else must be going on.


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            I replaced my video card with an 8800 series gforce nvidea card 512K ram. I still have the same problem!