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Added Audio Clips only go int VA Track

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  • Added Audio Clips only go int VA Track

    A friend of mine has EDIUS 3 and does not have access to the internet so I have offer to find a solution to this problem. I have not seen this in 3 or 4 so far and cannot reproduce it.
    When dragging audio from the bin or using add to time line from the recorder the clip will only go into the VA track, this has only occurred since restarting EDIUS and re opening the project.
    The Audio can be dragged from the VA track into the audio trackonce it is on the time line. All tacks are mapped, unmapping does not change the problem and no tracks are locked.
    I have searched the forum and been unable to locate any other thread on this, hope I have not duplicated a thread.
    Any help appreciated
    Regards Barry
    Win 10HP, EDIUS WG9.4, HD Spark, Boris RED 5, VMW6, Authorworks 6, Bluff Titler, VisTitler 2.8, NEAT 3/4, Mercalli 2/4, Vitascene, Izotope RX6 Plugin, NewBlue, Trend Micro AV
    GB GA-X58A-UD3R MB, i7 [email protected], 12G 1600mhz Mem, Samsung EVO-250G SSD, 3x2T RAID, GTX 970W OC, 2x24 inch LG Monitors
    Canon XH-A1/ Canon HF-G30, GoPro Hero3 Black, Edit @1920 50p HQ preset
    Laptop ASUS G752VT-GC060T Win 10HP, Edius WG8.53 Samsung M2 SSD 256G+1Tb HD,

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    I remember that there is a button on the timeline,it locates on the left,if you press the button it means you set a VA track as main track,then cause your problem;you can cancel it by press again


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      Yes. Click the "V" button and it should set things right..