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  • NEAT VIDEO with Edius

    I've seen "neat video" results running in Vegas,as a plug in (very good results cleaning up video noise) I've been told you need "virtual dub" to make neat video work, since at this time their is no plug in for Edius. Anyone using the program in this maner. Gary

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    I have this combination and occasionally use it. As you are probably aware Virtualdub is a FREE download programme that has many other uses especially withan anti shake plug in called Deshaker (also FREE).
    Neat video certainly improves the 'noise' or fizz in dimly lit shots but the main disadvantage is the time to process about, 1:20. It doesnt like panning shots or too much movement producing edging lines or shimmers along defined edges. I used it on a medium close up of a couple doing a speech in a fairly dimly lit room and the girls face looked like she had been really made up with makeup - skin very smooth and all the fizz was removed in those dark areas. There are a range of settings and I have yet to experiment, just using it with the default values.
    Like the Deshaker it isn't the 'bees knees' cure all but certainly improves the footage that should have been corrected at the shooting stage.
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      Hi Gary,

      If I were you, I'd definitely download (free) Virtualdub and play with it a while. It can do many, many things that most editing programs are not built to do. And yes, it does take time to use the program outside of EDIUS. However, accomplishing a de-shake, or noise reduction or resize or any of the other meriad of processes it can do is a decision you have to make on an individual time basis. If something really looks terrible, then the time to "fix" it (to a certain degree, at least) to me, is worth it. Otherwise every time I look at a scene which could have been improved upon with a little patience I wince a little, wishing I had taken that time. NEAT is the best de-noiser I've found - but you have to use it in small adjustments, just like many programs in which some editors tend to "overuse" it's settings, resulting in nearly as many problems as originally existed. It is ceratinly not perfect, but I think without a doubt worth it on a "individual scene choice" basis. Try it. You'll like it!

      Good luck and cheers,
      Alan J. Levi

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        Thanks guys, will give it a go...Gary


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          Quick fix...

          For a quick and dirty fix (usually on dark clips)
          Duplicate the clip to a higher track (Ctrl+Drag)
          Apply the Screen keyer
          Set the Transparency to about 50%
          Offset the upper track by one frame (forwards or backwards)

          The result is a little soft, but functional!
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