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4.61 crashes with WMV files

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  • GrassValley_BH
    As WMV can be VBR, and VBR makes it difficult to scrub to a specific location easily, you might be better off creating MPEG-2 or Canopus HQ versions of your WMV files if you're going to be scrubbing a lot.

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  • Alter Ego
    started a topic 4.61 crashes with WMV files

    4.61 crashes with WMV files

    I have been working with long WMV files, 1 hr-2 hr lengths on the timeline. I'm just making a batch edit list for the client by using the markers, and exporting to a text file. As I scroll through the timeline, sometimes Edius crashes with the error message that "windows needs to close Edius, sorry for the inconvienance". At least it is a polite message :) Now I have been really banging away with hours upon hours of footage to go through. Every couple of hours I will get a crash and this has been consistant from the beginning of this project a couple of days ago. I've been getting at least 2 -3 crashes a day. I relaunch Edius and all is well till the next crash. Any known problems with windows media files?