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Edius 4.0 V Edius Broadcast quality and compression?

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  • Edius 4.0 V Edius Broadcast quality and compression?

    Here's a question that's always puzzled me. If I film in DVCAM using a good camera can I get better output of my finished programmes using Broadcast rather than 4.0? Is digital just digital or are there different types of compression that make the difference. We have made over 150 programmes (about 80 using Edius) that have been shown on satellite/cable TV in Europe which are shown without complaint, but I'm always looking to get the best quality from what we produce.

    If you want to see one of our clips, which is from the Barbados Rally Carnival, you can do here on youtube.

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    As u working with DVCAM, I don’t think u will get any extra quality with Edius Broadcast, as per my knowledge Edius Broadcast is the same Edius Pro with some extra codec like JPEG 2000, DVCPRO 50, DVCPRO HD, P2, VariCam etc.


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      What Shakeel says is correct- the Broadcast dongle just allows access to different codecs, including XDCam and EX.
      With regard to DV codecs whatever you use is going to be much of a muchness unless you keep "bouncing down" ie saving sequences as AVI's and bringing them back in and repeating 5 times or more. Where final quality come into its own is NOT at AVI level but when things are going to DVD, wmv etc and thats where Procoder is such a good tool.