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Dvcpro 25 Print To Tape ?

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  • Dvcpro 25 Print To Tape ?

    Aj-d93 ,dv?

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    DVCPRO 25 export is not supported in EDIUS. You can only output regular DV25 data.


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      If I am not wrong not many if any nle's export dvcpro 25.
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        That is correct. DVCPRO25 is not as widely used in NLE's DV/DVCAM (same thing).

        But printing back to the Panasonic deck in DV mode shouldn't be a problem. Hopefully that model supports DV mode (not DVCPRO).


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          Not sure I understand, because I capture, edit and print back to a DVCPRO ADJ SD255 deck with firewire option all day long. And I'm NOT recording it as a DV file, but says its DVCPRO and the TV station I send the tapes to plays them fine in all their DVCPRO VTR's. If it were recording it as DV or DVCAM, the station's older VTR's wouldn't play the tapes without having to change the menu settings in the VTR's,,, they play back under the DVCPRO setting.
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