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    If I say anything I fear the thread will be closed....................;-)

    It takes alot, for people to speak up!!! AND even more to put pen to paper

    TGV need to look at even the feature requests with 2 or 3 votes as it may represent many more people - who feel the way some have said here.

    I wonder how many downloads of the EDIUS demo are used / tested then because it does not have the full alpha support, the person does not buy it?

    I am really hoping TGV come up trumps with EDIUS 5 and not only increases the user base BUT keeps those it has!!

    I love EDIUS and want it to be the only NLE I need

    Sorry if this offends anyone!

    Asus P5K64WS, Intel Core 2 Quad QX6850 Extreme CPU, Saphire HD 3850 512mb graphics, WDraptor160 OS, Highpoint Rocket raid 2310 4 x 500gig Seagate sata 2 se drives in raid 0, NXe and Edius 5.51 Imaginate 2.
    Procoder 3.06 and various Prodad add-ons


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      I'm not really sure where this thread is headed, given the original question has more or less been addressed.

      The passion and enthusiasm for the product does not go unnoticed, and there is no plan to remove the Feature Request forum. All you can do is keep submitting those ideas. Not everything requested can go into a release, and certainly, people need to keep in mind that the focus of the next release is more toward Vista compatibility than anything else. So try not to get carried away with your visions.

      With that said, there's still a few cool things coming, which you will all learn about in the coming weeks.

      I'm closing this thread (sorry!), since the conversation has already been repeated in other threads.