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exporting on tape problem

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  • Lemi
    I'm not sure, but when we were archieving some files on tape, I remember they always used come color bar before and after the project on the timeline.

    Point is, few frames up/down weren't a problem, if you do want exactly a 00:02:00:00 In, then I don't know.

    Vidi, Hrvat. :)

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  • Sven Sego
    started a topic exporting on tape problem

    exporting on tape problem

    I work with DV storm & Edius 4. When I want to export timeline on tape I want start at But Edius can not start at exact position. My clip on tape starts at, or, edius always make a mistake of few frames! And one important information, when I export on tape in Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 everything if OK!