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Quicktime import....No Audio

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  • Quicktime import....No Audio

    I've imported a Quicktime file to a project that is set to SD and 4:3. For some reason I am not getting any audio. I took the same Quictime file and using Procoder I was able to convert the Quicktime file to a Windows Media file 1/6th the size and the audio played. What's wrong with Edius here?

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    Many of the audio formats that Quicktime supports, cannot be read by EDIUS. What you should do is either:

    1. In Quicktime's player, you can export the audio track as a PCM Wave file
    2. Use ProCoder to save the audio as a PCM Wave file

    Either will load and compliment the Quicktime video in EDIUS.


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      I can confirm Kenneally's post (not like he needs it).
      Also what version are you using?


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        I am using Quicktime 7.4.5 and Edius 4.6.1.

        Since a few months ago I have been having problems with Quicktime.

        Lauching Quicktime brings up an error message:

        "This application has failed to start because vafxu.DLL was not found". Re-installing the application may fix this problem".

        After searching the internet and trying all kinds of apparent fixes I finally gave up. Quicktime finally launches after hitting the OK button a few times.

        Will changing the Quicktime version allows for the audio to work when I drop the file on the timeline?

        I did try the exporting of the audio does work! Thanks


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          Changing your Quicktime version won't have much effect on EDIUS' ability to read the audio stream in the QT file. But with that said, it's always recommended that you keep Quicktime up to date.