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  • video with transparent background

    I have shot a video with a green screen and can chroma key out the background.

    I want to use the video on a web page & want the video to have no background just a transparent background like this site

    I have procoder with the Flix exporter. Is this possible with edius and procoder ?
    Sarah Staar
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    The video on that site looks like it has a white background. Not transparent. The text was keyed over the white background.

    The text only invades the talents space in one or two spots.
    If that is what you are looking for it should be pretty easy to key to white and use text over white to tell the message.


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      I'd agree with that. Not a very good key either. Obviously wasn't done in Edius.


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        For Video Transparent or Auto luma cutting Video's, use Adobe After Effect.
        With the help of AFter effect u can create videos with auto luma cutting on Edisu timeline.
        Its better use 3dmax studio (combusion) with RGB Alpha cutting at the time of exporting


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          Video Transparent Files

          f u want to make transparent Video files use Adobe After Effect
          use new composition
          Add your Video file to time line
          use chroma/luma effect as u wish to use...
          finallay expost the video file in your desire format (AVI, MOV)
          go advance setting use TIFF/TGA Format
          After exporting your video 100% is transparent where you have used chroma/luma effect...