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HDV over DV cam?

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  • HDV over DV cam?

    Ok, this may sound like a silly question, but no one can answer me around here.
    I actually started arguing with the guy at the local 'high' tech-shop about this.

    Anyway, i want to buy a camcorder for a personal amater use. Meaning, i mainly want to use it for capturing material until i see whether I will go advance. (I guess this is the cheapest solution)

    So, point is my frend has a Sony Z1, so he can shoot HDV.
    And, my question, although probably retorical, is-

    Is it true i CANNOT capture HDV over the camcorder which cannot shoot in HDV, only in DV?

    I assume this is true, so if I'm buying camcorder for mainly for his usage, I want to have an option of capturing HD from mini DV.

    I assume Edius has nothing to do with this; putting mini DV from Z1 which has been shooting in HDV into camcorder without an option for shooting HDV will result into unrecognizable format for that camcorder, so Edius (or any other software by that matter) cannot capture it no matter what.

    Sorry if i complicate too much.

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    Correct, a DV camera cannot read HDV. There are also several different HDV flavors and you won't necessarily be able to read tapes from a JVC in a Canon and vice-versa.


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      I shoot HDV using Sony's Z7 and it's older version Z1 and I play those tapes back into my PC with my little Canon HV20. No problem at all.
      But that's because it was shot in the same HDV flavour so it is readable in all 3 cameras.


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        The cheapest HDV camcorder will probably play the Sony Z1 tapes to capture with Edius and will also record the final .m2t files with MPEG TS writer.

        We have had problems with Sony cameras struggling with tapes made with a Canon HV10, but never the other way around. :~/

        If it were me I'd find a good used FX1. :~)
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          Thanks a lot guys.

          About different HDV flavors, hmm...
          Guess I'll get around somehow. That means getting the Sony cam and seeing what happens.


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            I like the Sony HDV flavour, I'm always pleasantly supprised by just how good the image quality is from the Sony A1 we use a second camera.
            We convert on the fly to Edius HQ and it mixes quite happliy with the main camera images shot on a JVC HDY110.
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              I really like the ability of Edius to ingest and edit multi format clips. I usually shoot in HDV 1440x1080i and mix on the time line HD clips, SD 4x3 DV and DVCAM clips and Edius handles it without a problem. Often I am asked by clients to produce another commercial, promo, etc and they either have clips of their own or I have footage from their facility back when I was shooting DVCAM 4x3 a couple of years ago. Edius takes it all in stride.... really makes the editing easy and the results outstanding.

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