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Why audio tracks have two names?

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  • Why audio tracks have two names?

    Can anybody help me? Why do audio tracks have two names in "Audio Channel Map" Box? Like 1A(1) and 1A(2). I read Edius help but I didn’t understand, what is different between 1A(1) and 1A(2)? It couldn’t be for channels because two channels are in front of each them.
    Could anybody explain it with an example?
    My second question is, what affect has audio properties on an audio clip? For example if we change audio properties from stereo to monaural or vice versa, what changes are made on audio?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    To your left point 7 audio
    to your right How to documents working with audio channels
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      Thanks for the reply but I didn’t find my answers in that document. It didn’t explain why every track has two names and what differences are between them.


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        A1(1) = Left Channel for External Audio Track #1
        A1(2) = Right Channel for External Audio Track #1

        And so on..

        But source audio may have channels mapped differently...if you force it a particular way.


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          If A1(1) is left and A1(2) is right so what are CH(1) and CH(2)?
          I thought CH(1) is left and CH(2) is right.
          Please look at attachment, as your explanation I should have audio in track 1A in right and audio in track 2A in left but it was inverse and 1A plays left channel and 2A plays right channel.


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            With Image.
            Attached Files


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              The 'Ch' values refer to the project setting. Most project settings stay at two channels. Some allow four, and some allow eight.

              The mapper let's you indicate where you want channels (from sources) to go when downmixing for output (both monitoring) and rendering. It doesn't have any effect on placement of audio clips onto specific tracks (that's what I call track 'locking').

              Using the channel mapper allows you to reverse audio channels, or duplicate them if necessary.

              It's also useful if, when working with a 5.1 AC-3 file, to instruct EDIUS to output the six channels across two speakers for playback (otherwise, your centre channel is muted, or stuck to one side).


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                The best way to see it if you don't get it is open the audio mixer an change the settings you then will have a visual reference to see what the setting does.

                Let me explain

                If you have a camcorder /digital recorder
                2 channels audio
                CH1 = Presidents of coconuts
                CH2= Journalist

                Ch1 has a left and a right
                Ch2 has a left and a right.

                Now the station has in its rules that journalist must alway be output to ch 1
                But as in the example the journalist is on ch2

                With audio mapping you now tell Edius to send the audio which is recorded on ch2 to channel 1 out so that you can follow the rules.

                In audio mapping you now map both the left and the right of CH2 to CH1 left and right
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                  Thank you very much, now it became clearer for me but I need to study more.
                  SRsupport, do you have any sample of audio that has two channels?


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                    I have further questions about audio channel mapping so I started a new thread.
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