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No Audio from Stereo RCA Jacks On Edius NX

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  • No Audio from Stereo RCA Jacks On Edius NX

    I have another issue since my customer upgraded to Edius 4.6. He is using the Edius NX package. He has an LCD TV connected to the component video outs on one of the add-in cards which allows him to preview the timeline in real-time on the display. This same card also has stereo RCA audio out which he previously used when running Edius 3.6. Since we've done this upgrade, he does not get sound from these jacks any more. He can get audio from the 1/8" audio jack that passes through to the Line In on his sound card but the RCA jacks no longer function. Is this a simple software setting we can change or or there something else we need to adjust to get this back? Thanks all!

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    make sure that the internal audio cable that connects the two NX boards is attached...
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      It should be but those cables are very loose fitting so it may have come out when I was moving the system. I'll check that, thanks.


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        OK, so we fixed the problem. As it turns out, the display my customer was plugging the Edius board into has multiple sets of RCA audio inputs and none of them are labeled particularly well. He had it wired up the wrong way and upon correcting that, everything was fine. Thanks for the help!