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Transition Duration Problem

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    I dont see this as needing to be fixed! As its not broken! More an enhancement to the way in which the transition settings currently work!

    For this we need to vote on the change, So we need to show GV we would like this to change in future releases of EDIUS.


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      Feature requests are fine but in the global scheme of things has relatively little importance to software developers who look for new markets, not those who have already paid their money (we do get a bit of attention). Just the fact they play no role in this forum confirms that.
      Adobe's the same - Premiere Pro ranks 29 on their list of importance so a lot of other software development comes before PP. Grass Valley has far more important issues than key frames in Edius (you know what I mean)
      All GV want is their Edius product to keep pace with direct competition and that's where the investment ends.


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        Originally posted by redgum View Post
        Just the fact they play no role in this forum confirms that.
        We prefer our software engineers stick to coding, rather than posting. After all, their C is likely to be much better than their English..

        This thread is really veering off course here. I'd have preferred it die a natural death...but...