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Edius controlling AG-DV2500

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  • Edius controlling AG-DV2500

    We have Edius controlling a mini DV deck via firewire. That works quite well. We tried hooking up the mini DV deck and a ADVC 700 to the computer. Edius does not know which ieee input to use.

    Originally we wanted to put our router video/audio into the deck to the ADVC, which was firewired to the PC. When doing this you loose deck control and timecode from the PC.

    We are looking for deck control/timecode/capture and the ADVC for routing video in and out of the PC. Edius seems only to have one OHCI input.

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    It's not an EDIUS-specific problem. The DV spec only describes point-to-point communication.

    Things go weird when you connect more than one DV device to the Firewire bus, because the system can't determine which device to "listen" to. Worse off, if they're daisy-chained, then one device can "intercept" a control signal, so you can end up seeing deck B, but controlling deck A.

    I recommend getting a Firewire switchbox, or if you have a number of Firewire devices, a Firewire matrix switch.