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problema Xplode Pro 4.60

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  • Vidsmith66
    green screen issue in explode

    1. if you are using an HD Tv as your monitor try changing the resolution to as high as possible, if you are using the Ntune utiltiy to manage your display resolution it has a feature to allow you to "stretch" the display image regardless of what your resolution is set at.
    2. try changing the resolution to as high as possible then "rescale" the the image size to fit your HD tv ie, size it down so that you can see all your desktop icons. had this issue recently and had the same problem, I thought (incorrectly) that when you scaled the size of your desktop to fit your screen size that it also changed the resolution set on your video card, it doesn't they seem to work independently of each other. Explode for Edius apparently doesn't support lower resolutions when working in HD. Try changing the display resolution to above 800 x 600, the windows default setting I think, and see if explode 3d fx like ripple, billboard, etc work for you. This one worked for me, after a lot of computer customer support help from

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  • Sergio_008
    started a topic problema Xplode Pro 4.60

    problema Xplode Pro 4.60

    Hola, tengo target grafica nvidia 9800GX2 que tiene problema de Xplode Pro 4.60para edius nx for HDV. Se cuelga y tiene la configuración mal, porque el overlay es de color verde. Gracias

    Dear sirs, I have a card nvidia 9800GX2 that has some problems for Xplode 4.60Pro for edius nx for HDV. It does not run and the overlay is in green color. Thanks!