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  • Firestore DTE recorders

    I am contemplating buying a Canon FSC HD60 DTE Recorder. I am convinced that this unit ($1200) will be much better than the Focus Enhancements FS-4 HD60 DTE ($600) from discussions on another forum.

    My question this a useful piece of equipment to supplement my XH-A1 camera? What are the features that make it "neccessary"? Does it really help the editing process? I have Edius Broadcast.

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    With the onset of new CF recorders (such as the one attached to the Sony Z7) most hard drive recorders are now redundant (and over priced). Most CF recorders will be hardware independent and certainly more efficient. I take mine off the Z7 in seconds and attach by firewire to my PC and start editing immediately. No download at all. The speed of the CF unit is significantly faster than the alternative.


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      what brands, or type of recorders are there on the market. I was doing a google search for some, but came up empty.


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        Compact Flash recorders are not available for the HDV format that my XH-A1 uses (Sony HDV yes ...but I think it has the slots available). This is my understanding from talking to a video sales guy. It may be a while before they come out with something for the A1. The other thing is what would the capacity of the card be?


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          Unfortunately, Canon is always a year or two behind (former XL user) but it will happen. Sony already has four cameras using CF cards that I know of and they're simply brilliant.
          I've got a pair of 32Gb Extreme IV CF cards that cost just over $A300 each and hold 2hrs 24min each of M2T files (HD) or heaps of SD in AVI form which I don't use.
          I can record to tape or CF card or both simultaneously and review either on the LCD (internal or external). No rewinding tapes in the field, in fact at the end of every hour you put the tape away for safe keeping.


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            That still does not answer my question...where can I find imformation on these recorders, so that I can use with any camera that has firewire........


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              Geez, Google Sony HVR-MRC1 - It interfaces with 26 Sony cameras and decks and because it works on firewire there is no reason it can't hook up to any firewire based camera. In some cases you may not have camera control.


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                did you find the MRC1 standalone somewhere?
                I think it is only part of kits for now...


                HVR 1VU, HG10 AVCHD, Edius 4.61, Software only, HP Mobile Workstation, XP SP2, 4GB RAM, Dual Core Duo 2.5 Ghz, Maxtor 1.5 TB Raid 0 over FireWire.


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                  Other CF card alternatives about to ship...


                  Flash XDR

                  But they require an SDI/HDSDI output from the camera which the Canon A1 does not have.

                  The Canon Firestore model you refer too better supports the Canon Camera; but I believe you have to purchase it thru Canon direct?