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XDCAM-EX Clip Browser v. 2.0 and Edius Broadcast

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    Still waiting for the fix

    Hi, I still waiting for the fix, for XDCAM-EX browser ver 2.
    I cant go back to version 1.1 becuse it not possible to download that version any longer from Sony.
    So I'm stuck with my EX-clip and so I could not import them like I use before.
    So please fix the fix a.s.p
    SitoCAM Video Production


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      This site still had Clip Browser v1.01 available
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        Originally posted by GrassValley_KH View Post
        Already tried that one Brandon - there is something rather specific about the shortcut for v1.xx.

        No matter what, you cannot reproduce the original setup for EDIUS to recognise the shortcut's existance.

        Can I confirm with version 2.0 if you can open this seperately and still be able to drag and drop video into the bin ?


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          yes you can,

          Edius Edits at:

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