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Hardware vs Software Downconversion

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  • Hardware vs Software Downconversion


    I´m working on HD projects in EDIUS HD turnkey system. As I finish my job I have to downconvert the timeline to SD. In my case there are 2 ways to do that:
    1 - Switch my project to SD and print to file (or playback and record on VT);
    2 - Playback and record on VT using the downconverted output from HDBX1000.

    Is there any difference in terms of QUALITY from one process to another?


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    My initial thought would be "no" - rather that the HDBX1000 supports simulcast output in both HD and SD (which you don't get in other EDIUS solutions).

    But to be honest, I haven't sat down and analysed the actual output signals. Brandon knows a little more than I do, but the understanding I have is that the scaling is done in software, via the HDBX1000 hardware (if that makes sense).


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      I'm not 100% sure that EDIUS's built-in scaling is better/worse than the HDBX1000's scaling, but I would venture a good guess that they're similar, if not the same.

      The HDBX1000 itself has its own "brain" (hence the reason why the engineers had us call it a MIP - Multi-I/O Processor, instead of just a Breakout Box) and processes the RT downscale on its own, so EDIUS isn't further burdened during playback.