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  • problam ac-3

    Dear friends

    friends when i have export stereo file to dollby ac-3 format and when i have import that file on edius timeline so i can,t able to see five monaural audio how can i see that one

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    If you've exported a stereo Dolby file, then it only has 2 channels...

    Beyond that, each audio track in EDIUS is natively stereo. If you have a clip with more than 2 channels of audio, you can choose which channels are used by right-clicking the clip and going to the Properties. In the Audio tab, you can select which channels are selected.

    Alternatively, you can use the audio mapping when you bring the clip to the timeline to split audio channels out to separate tracks.
    See How to Manipulate Audio Channels in EDIUS from the EDIUS Training site.


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      I want control audio monaural track like left,right,front,and back i think possibal in ac-3 format if yes so how plz halp me


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        You need to assign a particular channel of audio to a particular track in EDIUS.

        e.g. right-click 'A1' and assign it Monoaural Channel 1.

        Do this for 6 A tracks, using channels 1 through 6 and then drag down the AC-3 file - it should map tracks accordingly. You then need to change the project (or sequence) audio channel mapping to give you preview of all channels during playback from the timeline. (this is covered in the document linked above)

        But, what you must keep in mind is that EDIUS does not easily export 5.1 AC-3. In most projects, it can only downmix to 2.0 AC-3, regardless of how many channels your project has.


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          only i control left and right channel i want control front and back also plz help it


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            Originally posted by santosh View Post
            only i control left and right channel i want control front and back also plz help it
            What you will need to do is to export the front stereo and the back stereo along with a center channel and subwoofer channel into some sort of audio editing program that will do 5.1 sound track. Sound Forge and Audition 2.0 or 3.0 come to mind. Edius does not do this. All you will be able to get out of Edius is an AC-3 2.0.
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