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I need 1 sec disolve, getting 1 frame disolve

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  • I need 1 sec disolve, getting 1 frame disolve

    Using 4.61 on many editors, but one specific machine when I set a 1 second disolve i consistantly get a 1 frame disolve. Probably a check box I'm missing! Any advice is appreciated.

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    Right click the Disolve in the Effects Pallete, asign 1 Sec time duration to it, set this as standard.

    Or go to Setting / Application ...., sorry, not that precise, i'm rendering something at the moment, so can not check now.

    p.s. it would be nice to open a new project window, while the first projects renders (just like wavelab can do)
    Have 8 cores running now with all 25% usage while rendering, could do some more editing ..........
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