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  • MPEG printing

    If I wish to make an output for my edited video file in a high quality mpeg the file format comes out to be m2p. How is it possible to get mpeg format with full quality?

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    .M2P is MPEG? MPEG-2 Program Stream


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      rename m2p to mpg and all will be fine

      for some reason, Canopus names mpg m2p which is a file extension not even recognized by windows media player
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        Not our fault WMP and some other vendors don't recognize standard file naming... *shrug* The higher-end applications (DVDMaestro, DVD Studio Pro, etc) tend to have it right, unless they're lazy.

        • .mpg, .mpeg
          MPEG-1 stream, usually System stream, but often can be Video elementary stream, or even Audio elementary stream
        • .mpa
          MPEG-1 audio elementary stream
        • .mp2
          MPEG-1 Layer II audio elementary stream. Some other vendor's applications mistakenly use this extension for MPEG-2 Program Stream.
        • .mp3
          MPEG-1 Layer III audio elementary stream
        • .mpv
          MPEG-1 Video elementary stream
        • .m2v
          MPEG-2 Video elementary stream
        • .m2a
          MPEG-2 Audio elementary stream (usually an MPEG-1 Layer II Audio elementary stream, but the naming shows the logical connection between the .m2v and .m2a parts)
        • .m2p
          MPEG-2 Program stream
        • .m2t, .m2ts
          MPEG-2 Transport stream