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Sudden Prob with edius and stormbay

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  • Sudden Prob with edius and stormbay

    Have been capuring fine via composite video thru my stormbay from vcr. when I go to select capture from stormbay, my right window in edius usually turns blue and when i play the vcr it plays back in there.

    now all of a sudden, when i select thru the stormbay it stays black and vcr play won't show in it...i have noticed when I boot up, the first time in edius that I select thru the stormbay tho, that left window in edius flashes green real fast, like it was trying to change to blue but stays black..what has gone wrong, what can i change, how do i fix it? have not messed with any settings or anything. composite vidoe and the audio lights are both lit red on what happened? thanks..t

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    well, finally just came back...ghost in the machine?


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      Check to see if the plug on the end of the ribbon cable is seated correct! They do come loose over time! making and breaking contact with heat expansion - So I am told - Long time ago though!
      Asus P5K64WS, Intel Core 2 Quad QX6850 Extreme CPU, Saphire HD 3850 512mb graphics, WDraptor160 OS, Highpoint Rocket raid 2310 4 x 500gig Seagate sata 2 se drives in raid 0, NXe and Edius 5.51 Imaginate 2.
      Procoder 3.06 and various Prodad add-ons


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        While you have the machine open, ensure the DVStorm and its daughterboard (the "sandwich") are firmly sandwiched together too. They can also get unseated over time.