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    could you try raid0 for testing
    Just for the record - I tried raid0 in the same system... same behaviour...

    Stormtest results
    Before "Disk too slow" message: Read:220MB/S, Write: 210MB/S
    After "Disk too slow" message: Read: 25MB/S, Write: 3MB/S

    In my case at list these results indicate that capturing with edius somehow decreases the speed of the disks

    Now I'm going back to v4.24 for more testing
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      AFA as a distributor saying it is fixed ... I never take anything a seller says as the truth until I actually see the proof.
      My tongue was firmly in my cheek when I wrote this, afterall this is the distributor who said no such fault existed, until I suggested they read this forum for evidence to the contrary.

      However, as GV acknowledge that the problem is real and, I would hope, keep distributors informed of developments I am confident that all will be well with v5.0, or at least v5.1......;-)
      System 1 - Win7 64/Edius 5.51/Asus P8/8Gb RAM/RAID0/i7 2600K OC/nVidia Quadra 600
      System 2 - Win XP/Edius v4.61/Asus P5 DH Deluxe/4Gb RAM/RAID0/Quad Core 2.4Ghz Q6600/nVidia 9800GT 512Mb/NXHD + other stuff