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    Originally posted by robbin View Post
    Have you tried titlemotion pro, should do all what you want to do if i understand you correctly...
    Yes, I think it could if I had some time to learn it. I've had a quick look but there's too little time for me to get up to speed with it for my current project.


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      Originally posted by Johnc View Post
      OK, I'm obviously missing something fundamental here!

      I was used to using 3D PIP to position and scale a graphic I'd created in Photoshop (for example) and then keying out the background using chromakey in 3D PIP.

      What I'm doing is dropping a clip into 1 VA then dropping amother clip or graphic into 2 VA above it.
      I apply 3DPIP to the clip or graphic in 2 VA, but how do I then apply chromakey to that clip or graphic?

      Can you explain how you did the butterfly example with Edius 4 as that will probably answer my question and then I'll realise I've been stupid...

      3DPIP has never allowed another keyer to work with it BUT there are a couple of options for you.

      1. Uses 2DPIP and then use Chromakey on it to get the job done. - This option doesn't allow for cropping or 3D Space movement

      2. Use an Alpha Channel in the graphic and use 3D PIP to move and size it. - You would have to make sure that if you are going to move the object in 3D Space that you turn off the light and shadow option.

      You also asked about video. If you have a file like a quicktime with alpha you can change it into a HQ file by right clicking on the clip in the bin window, Select convert, and then pick a HQ file. This will retain the Alpha but once again if using it in 3DPIP and you want to use 3D Space for movement you will want to turn off light and shadows.

      The reason being is that the light and shadow is applied before the Alpha is removed so it is placed on the entire plane of the clip.

      This is known and is being looked at but for the moment turning off light and drop shadow works :)