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Anyone have problems with Edius & Upsilon

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  • GrassValley_BH
    What monitoring software does the Upsilon use? The "Sentry Bulldog" software used by Belkin and other OEMs has been iffy at times.

    A simple check is to disconnect the UPS cable from the PC (if it's serial, it might be triggering ring interrupts) and see if that makes a difference.

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  • NakedEye
    started a topic Anyone have problems with Edius & Upsilon

    Anyone have problems with Edius & Upsilon

    Hi Folks

    Any one here aware of any issues with Edius 4.6 & Upsilon UPS software.
    A freinds system has just started having some serious issues with Edius freezing up during editing it often happens when switching between sequences but not always.
    The hour glass appears then the monitor loses signal & switches off, only way out is to re-boot. She has sent the system back to the integrator as there have been other issues right from day one, & they seem to think that the UPS software is the problem, we have this same software (upsilon) on 5 Edius systems with no sign off problems like the one she is experiencing.

    Since we supplied the UPS I want to make sure this is definately were the problem lies.

    It is an Intel based system & board set (as are ours) with an Asus ATI 2600HD card, Edius is 4.6 OHCI.

    Any info much appreciated.