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  • More ISO questions

    I am trying to do something a bit too advanced for me but that what doesnt kill you makes you stronger. I am trying to embed SP 3 into my SP 1 disc. I got it embeded BUT I try and use Nero to burn a bootable image for installs it seems to work when im in Windows already I get the setup screen but when I try to boot off the CD for a fresh install I get what looks like "Fdisk" and it never works. How do I go about making a bootable disk I have Nero 6 and Nero 8 on another machine if it makes a difference.

    Asus sabertooth MB Z97 16 gigs of ram SSD system and edit drives Nvidia GTX-660 video card

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    The absolute easiest way is to use nLite:

    This will let you create a bootable, slipstreamed CD or DVD with service packs, hotfixes, additional drivers and other customizations.