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  • Procoder Express Issues

    Hello All,

    On updating to the latest version of Edius 4 I get the following error on installation:

    "An installation support file could not be installed. The system can not find the file specified."

    Then when I try to run Procoder Express from Edius it crashes.

    Any suggestions?


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    Go into the E4 folder and run the PCE exe file


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      ya, finally tried that myself. Works that way.

      Is this an issue or is there something i should look at on my end?


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        No, it just sometimes happen with the PCE install.


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          you can check the installation disk,to find the "procoder express for edius" file,then installs it.


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            Component Transfer Error

            I have just upgraded from Edius Pro 3.6 to 4. Everything seems to work as it should EXCEPT Procoder Express is not listed as an Export Option when [Print to File].
            When upgrading to Edius4, twice it come up with the error "An installation support file could not be installed. The system can not find the file specified." ( However, when I have upgraded Pro 3 in the past this same error used to appear and I have had no operational problems.)

            Within the Installation DVD - folder [Tools ] I have tried to run ProCoderExpress Setup.exe - and everytime I get Error Message :
            Component Transfer error
            Component : Common Files
            File group : System Presets
            File : <svSystemPresetsFolder>\
            Error: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect

            What do I need to do to get PCE listed when I [ Print to File ] ?
            FYI : There is no pce.exe file in my EDIUS4 Directory


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              Originally posted by syqkaduna View Post
              you can check the installation disk,to find the "procoder express for edius" file,then install it.
              I'd do this to reinstall PCE.
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              Edius 4.61, NX Express, xp sp2


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                This is exactly what I am trying to do.

                I have the Edius4 upgrade DVD, on it is a PCE directory with a file called ProCoderExpress Setup.exe .

                When I run this file - it comes up with [ Component Transfer Error ]


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                  Try copying the folder containing the setup program to your hard drive somewhere and run it from there. Also try running the setup as Administrator.


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                    I copied the folder from DVD into the C drive's EDIUS4 directory - same error.
                    I have admin. rights on my stand-alone dedicated PC - so not the issue.

                    I do have older versions of PCE on my PC C Drive's Canopus directory - A stand-alone version I purchased not long after PCE was first released ( many years ago ) and the other is the one that came with Edius 3 ( a couple of years ago ).
                    Could this be an issue ?


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                      In case it's useful information to someone , I solved my problem :

                      First I downloaded and ran : ComponentTransferErrorFix.exe from the Installshield web site - Judging by the name of the fix, one would have expected this should have fixed the problem but it made no difference.

                      I then un-Install PCE for Edius - with no problem
                      I then un-Install PCE ( standalone ) - this crashes and comes up with error saying that it cannot open C:\Program Files\Installshield Installation Information\{84FCC59c..........}.

                      I then copied the PCE folder from the DVD, overwriting the whole
                      contents of the specific InstalLshield Information folder which was generating the error.

                      PCE then instantly started installing itself automatically.

                      I am operational again, except every time now after burning a DVD from the Timeline, when exiting PCE, at the [Finish] step I get a [ PCE is forced to close .... send details to Microsoft ] error.
                      Which I click "Don't Send" to and it returns me back to Edius OK. Something is still not 100% right.
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