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jumpy interface - sluggish performance

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  • tdtinker
    We've had this problem with one of our system too. I found it related to the NX card. If I don't have the DV deck on that is connected to the NX card I get sluggish response. This does happen with the systems that use storm cards

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  • PaulTV
    started a topic jumpy interface - sluggish performance

    jumpy interface - sluggish performance

    I've written about this issue before, timeline won't stop after pressing play until the buffer is full.

    Very slow reactions to switching anything on the gui. Totally impossible to edit properly.

    I can now fix this problem by reducing the number of open sequences to 5 or less. If I add one more sequence it all falls apart.

    The install is fresh 4.61 on my dual Xeon 3.4 4x 300gb raid 0 rocket raid system with Fx1700 graphics card.

    Never had this issue until 4.6 came along - can anyone get this to occur on their system or am I a loner.