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Need help with MB and Video Card

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  • Need help with MB and Video Card

    I have the Edius NX PCI Express card and want to build a computer from scratch, my intentions are
    Intel brand motherboard w/built on Raid
    NVidia 8800 Video card w/1GB DDR memory
    When I refer to the compatibility list there are only 3-4 intel branded boards that are current models, does anyone have a more current motherboard list.
    1) Does anyone know if the intel BOXDX38BT or the BOXDX48BT2 but do not know if they are compatible
    2) anyone have any experiance wit hthe Nvideo 8800 video chipset and should i stay away from any video manufacturers?
    3) if i was to go with raid striping, any difference between WD and Seagate for SATA hard drives?
    Thank You