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Wrong dark colors in images/images sequence

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  • Wrong dark colors in images/images sequence


    a big problem with image (I talk about 3d images rendered with lightwave, normal bmp or tga or psd or jpg and so on) (and image sequence of course):

    I put one image in timeline and the dark colors in that image become very very very dark.
    If I render an AVI and read with Mediaplayer I see dark dark. If I play with other player I see normal... !!!!!
    ok, I render an mpg... the same, very dark.

    So, I try to adjust the yuv curve, and inside edius now I see all right. I export an avi and in mediaplayer I see right. With other player I see very light!!!

    If I render that image with Quick time pro (for example) I get an avi very ok. With all color ok. I take this AVI, I put in Edius... and again DARK!

    Why edius kill the dark colors? with light colors it is all ok, change nothing, but the dark become more more more dark.

    What can I do?

    Thankyou for help...

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    after a lot of time I see this:

    the IRE levels in Edius are 16.16.16 for black and 235.235.235 for white.
    So, all the images RGB inside edius become more dark and more light than need (over scale).
    What can do? Better correct the images before import in edius (maybe in photoshop but how?) or corect inside edius (with YUV curve, in Y channel put the minimum at 16 and the max at 235)?

    This doen't resolve the problem that some player will play the video like edius and some different.

    Maybe exist a setting in EDIUS to change the IRE limits?


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      16.16.16 for black and 235.235.235 for white is correct for video

      all video software works in that range

      so your animation software should have a setting for making safe video levels?

      you can always drop a YUV curve filter on the clip in Edius and lower the white and raise the black so it goes between 0 and 100 in waveform monitor
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        so your animation software should have a setting for making safe video levels?
        In 3DS Max you can select the Video Color Check in the rendering options - it lowers the saturation and the luma of the "unsafe" areas...
        Lightwave3D must have something similar...
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          Also in 3D MAX you can adjust the output gamma to match the gamma of the edit program.



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            I would suggest that you do not lower the black/white level in 3DMax instead render as you would then bring it to broadcast safe in EDIUS like Anton suggested or through After Effects. If you ever need to send out your animation via Web the footage will not look so good.


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              really thankyou for the answers.

              The YUV curve filter, I think, is the better solution, - white + black and the colors in video are the same that I see in the monitor when opening a single image, so I save my sequence with the "right" rgb and only in edit I modify the colors.

              Bye to all :)


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                Sounds like your graphics hardware color correction is off. Modern graphics hardware has separate color-correction settings for video overlay and for standard display. Hence you will see different image if the application plays video using video overlay, versus if the application plays video without video overlay.