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  • Transition problem

    Having applying a PnP onto a clip in ver 4.51 just to do a small rotation I then find its rotated all the other clips. I then deleted the adjusted clip to find when I place a transition anywhere on the timeline it rotates all the clips again. Obvious to some maybe or is it a bug I've found?
    Any suggestions?

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    Undo is solution some time...
    You have selected all clips when adding effect or have transition between clips.


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      It's not a bug. When clips are joined via transitions, the keyer is applied to all of the clips. To remedy your situation, place the clip you want to rotate on a seperate video track and adjust from there using an AB sytle of editing.


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        Hang in there!

        What you're seeing is 100% correct.
        3dPnP is a Keyer and when connected with transitions they unify the clips to key the tracks below.

        To correctly use them, place the 3dPnP clips in an upper track and use the Transparency rubber band to fade.
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          Ok got the gist so far. Perhaps I was using the Pnp for the wrong thing. Is there a way to just rotate the clip without PnP?


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            Tried the mirror filter? Flip both horizontal and vertical..

            Or is it a 90 degree rotation? In that instance, I'd put the offending clip on a separate sequence, rotate it with 3D PiP and then use that new sequence as a nested sequence in the original project - it'll be just as though the original clip was pre-rendered with the rotation..


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              You're on the right track, it just has to be done slightly different then what you were doing.


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                Why thankyou guys. These tips have put me on the right track. Its just that I've been using Liquid for about 2 years and I guess things are a little different.