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  • window preview problem

    pls help...
    i just found some weird problems recently in my edius 4.51c
    1.) everytime when i edit title in T1 track suddenly one of my video in window preview (dual mode) became scrappy.. looks like i have a bad video source.
    but then after i close title it turns normal again (in 2 or 3 click)
    2.) delay/a very long wait (6seconds)on window preview after trimming a clip.. anton said i have to shut the audio mixer off..i did..the problem dissapear but it happens again now... is it my memory? or graphic card?
    i use geforce 8400 with dual view on 2 x 19"LCD (1for timeline...1 for preview)
    my system is Vista ultimate
    AMD X2 6000+
    2gig FSB800 mem KINGSTON (just change it but the problems still exist)
    500gig SATA

    this problems really have slowing me down...
    apreciate for the help :)
    MOtion Candid CApture