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  • Capture and logging application

    I'm looking for an application that will capture and logg my material.
    I would like the material also to be stored in MPEG 4 (or similar light format)with metadata embedded so that it can be searched and viewed later when someone is in search of a certain kind of clip.

    Does Grass Valley have anything to offer?

    Our editingsuits consists Edius Broadcast with various hardware add-ons
    and I would like to keep it that way. :)

    The scenario is that when a crewmember return from an ENG job she/he just starts the capturing application and while capturing is being performed comments and relevant information is added to the material.
    I want it as simple as pie.

    Today we use Edius for capturing and comments about the material are added to an excel data base afterwards.
    Due to lack of time this is sometimes forgotten...

    So, what do you suggest?

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    There are a lot of you working within the industry.
    Someone should at least have an idea.

    so, anyone?


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      Actually what I'm looking for is a "video asset manager".
      It would be great if it could capture from a SD/DV/HD source as well.

      Any suggestions?


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        Regrettably, I think you can take it from the lack of response to your query that media management is one of the areas where Edius is less than ideal.
        Andrew Pinder
        Edius 9 with Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4k; Windows 10 (64 bit Pro); Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro; i9-9900K CPU; 32GB RAM;
        Asus GTX1060 graphics; RME Fireface800 audio; SATA RAID


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          Save for third-party managers that may interface with EDIUS, in the Thomson world that's more the realm of the Aurora line.