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capturing youtube video?

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  • capturing youtube video?

    I would like to capture a YouTube video with Edius 4.6 How would I do this.
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    You can't use Edius directly. There are a number of ways to do it - see Set the capture format to be one that is compatible with Edius, if you want to edit it.
    Andrew Pinder
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      Originally posted by burnandreturn View Post
      I would like to capture a YouTube video with Edius 4.6 How would I do this.

      There's nothing like a 'screen capture' function in Edius. Use something like KeepVid and store the desired YT clip on your harddrive first:

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      There are multiple options when it comes to preserving your favorite video.


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        Also be aware that duplicating (and subsequently modifying) YouTube content is against their terms of use.