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    I thought I would post this just to let most of the newer guys on the forum know how good the chromakey keyer performs.

    I did a green screen shoot yesterday and I was going to record it right into the computer but
    decided to just use the camera. This was going to go into the computer at 4:2:2 as opposed to my recording at 4:2:0.
    I brought the tape home and captured uncompressed to 4:2:2, remember still not the same as actually recording in that mode, and put the test sample into AE keylight, Ultra CS3 and Edius.

    It looked good in AE afer about 5 minutes of adjusting.
    I put it into Ultra and it looked pretty good after about 10 minutes of fiddling around.
    I put it into Edius and it took about 20 seconds for me to get a perfect key.
    Also, it was in realtime, as opposed to the 2 other programs.

    I thought many of you who have not tried the chromakeyer might find this interesting.
    Six Gill DV
    If you own the Tutorials and you need help, PM me.

    Vistitle YouTube Channel

    Windows 10 Pro up to v.1803 Tweaks for Edius Users

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    Here, here. Same results with some HVX footage shot at 1080. I like AE when adding a lot of motion but for something simple Edius is very nice and quick.

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