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  • In - Out never remembered by Edius

    When I select In and Out for a clip in the Bin/Preview window and I select another one the In and Out are not remebered. The options "Update Bin" and "Create new clip in Bin" do the same. They create a new clip. But if I don´t want a new clip every time, I just want to have In and Out remembered.
    Is ther a setting or is Edius not able to do this?

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    There is something about this here that might be of use -

    Joe Shaw
    Freelance Director/Editor


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      The programmers really missed the boat on this one. This is a real cumbersome way of retaining in and out points to bin clips. All of the original clips captured to the bin should have the ability to retain the in and out points without having to make duplicates of the clips. A simple right click on the original clip should have a pop up commnd "Create Secondary". You only need to create duplicates of what you want to. You can also change these clips in and out any way you wish, if you have different in and out points within longer clips. Grass Valley really needs to reconsider this present awful method. It is one of the most annoying things to have say 500 clips and you have to take the time and effort of making and sorting mandatory duplicates to retain in and outs.
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