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  • Quick Titler Background

    Trying to create a quick title with a white background so I click on background white on the background properties panel. Goes white on the QT window but when inserted onto a title track or video track the background is still transparent ie you can see the video underneath it. Tried it with a still image as background but the same thing happens. Is this a bug or am i doing something wrong?

    (I got round it by using a colour matte under the clip but in this particular case changing to a coloured background would be useful)

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    I am afraid this has been the case since Edius 3. I have asked support back then but no solution could be provided. Only workarounds as you mentioned.
    Edius Workgroup 8.53


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      Regrettably both QuickTitler and TitleMotion "Pro" are less than adequate, and the most disappointing features of an otherwise excellent editor.

      You can import a still into QT, resize it to full screen and then send it to the bottom of the stack. This has the same effect as using a colour matte, but does not take up an extra track on the timeline. (Which of course begs the question: if this works why can't proper backgrounds be made to work?)
      Andrew Pinder
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