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Edius RX E1 and 720 25/50 support in PAL

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  • Edius RX E1 and 720 25/50 support in PAL

    Why is the Edius HD card RX E1 only supporting NTSC formats 720P/24/30/60and not the PAL formats 720P/24/25/50?

    Edius NX and Edius SP/HDV supports these PAL formats but not the top of the line HD editing RX E1!

    Using RX E1 with the external HDBX1000

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    There was a reason why that format was not added to the board, but my memory is escaping me.

    I will have to check with product developement..


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      I've received a response from the product team in Japan and unfortunately it is a limitation of the hardware, that is unlikely to be implemented in the future.

      My only advice from here, is that you ingest with the OHCI equivalent project setting for 50Hz 720, and then either edit with that project setting (foregoing live output), or using a 1440x1080 resolution project setting to get output and then exporting or switching to the lower resolution when finished.

      Sorry I don't have better news.


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        Is the limitation in HDBX1000 or RX E1 as the RX E1 is possible to recofiure to SDI only witout HDBX 1000


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          It's a two-pronged issue. When you use the HDBX1000, the processing shifts to that external unit and the board essentially becomes nothing more than a data gateway.

          Which means that the HDBX1000 is incompatible.

          However, the RX-E1 has no expandability left in its design - the idea behind its design being that it would only go so far before shifting to using the external HDBX1000 unit (for things like simulcast of SD/HD).