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offline clip won't restore

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  • offline clip won't restore


    I have a project in which I used imaginate to create a directview AVI file. I rendered it out and loaded it in edius.

    Later I decided that I wanted to adjust the Imaginate project and re-render the file. Edius is running in the background... when I open it up I expect to see the rerendered avi file in the Edius timeline.... instead the clip goes offline as though I corrupted it be rerendering while it was still in the edius timeline.

    I try to restore the offline clip but it fails everytime. This has happened several times. I would like to relink to the offline clip but I can't get it to come back - it fails everytime. Is there any way to fix this without re-rendering in a different name and resetting it in the timeline?


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    The only workaround that I know of is if you let the old clip remain and close the restore dialog box...then drop the new clip on top of it and match it frame by frame. Then delete the offlined clip and put the new one in it's place.

    Currently there is no way to restore a clip that is not the same length and other attributes in EDIUS.


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      Replace Parts | Clip doesn't work?


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        I never got that to work right...I just use my workaround :)