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Edius 4.61 crashes with color correction

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  • Edius 4.61 crashes with color correction

    Hi everybody:
    While color correcting a timeline with HDV clips - and the vectorscope open - Edius 4.61 crashes about every 10 min while I operate the sliders inside the top (""basic") color correction filter. It seems that especially the color sliders (cyan/yellow etc.) cause the problem. This happened in previous versions, too. Otherwise, Edius on my Dell workstation with double XEON 3 GHz is stable.
    Grüße, Peter
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    What's the nature of the crash? Do you get a runtimer error, a blue screen, a spontaneous reboot, or what?

    Have you tried making a system backup and then updating your video drivers?


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      This was happening to me a lot too, but I took a chance and installed the latest drivers for my graphics card and it cured the lock ups completely.

      May be worth considering,

      Cheers Vaughan
      Main Edit System ASUS Z170-Pro, 6700K, 32 gig ram HD Spark, Windows 7 64bit Edius 8.1 (Edit Machine)
      2nd System Intel DZ77BH, 3770K, 16 GB ram, Edius 8.1 (ingest and authoring)
      3rd system (internet & Printing station)


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        I'm still having these issues. the application just Locks up indefinately. I have had a ticket open for a while now...