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how effect can make a video like fish eye ??

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  • how effect can make a video like fish eye ??

    hello everyone,
    do you know about this effect in edius to make video like capture with fish eyes??

    in case for example like this...
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    If you mean fish-eye, I'm guessing you're looking to shoot (or replicate) a 0.45 or wider lens. The video looks to be shot (mostly) with a wide adapter, probably 0.7. I think I counted only two 0.45 or wider shots. I don't know of any Native or Plug-in filters to do that within Edius. (I think the competition does)

    If you're looking to darken the border I get the best quality with the Old Movie/Film filter using Border Darkening only.
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      You probably would need to use something like AFX, Boris or Combustion, to add warping/distortion effects to video, i've done similar stuff in AFX with Adobe's distortion effects, I don't know if any of Prodad's stuff has this capability, someone who has their products might know, I've never seen any listed.
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