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Edius BC and Grass Valley infinity

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  • Edius BC and Grass Valley infinity

    I have start working with the brand new GV Infinity Camcorder and found this is an fantastic Camcorder with high quality and nice features.
    When the material is edited with Edius BC 4.6 it seems to need a lot of power in the computer to edit JPEG2000 native in 10 bit 4:2:2.
    A workaround is to convert the the material to HQ but in this case the potential of JPEG 2000 is lost or degraded to 8 bit.

    Is there a system recomendation for edit native JPEG 2000?
    Is there a way export the edited content back in JPEG 2000?

    I use a 3.6 Ghz Dual Xeon and a Canopus RX E1 card with HBX 1000.

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    Have you tried adjusting the bitlayering options? Sure, it knocks down the playback quality, but for pause-frame adjustments you're still using the full resolution content, and the responsiveness and realtime performance is signifigantly better.

    Read more here:

    FYI, all processing for EDIUS is done in 8-bit, so the minute you render out, you'll be working with 8-bit output regardless.

    Infinity JPEG 2000 export will be in the next major version due later this year.


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      KH is right, JPEG2000 is very very heavy. Check out my primary system in my sig, it's a very fast machine and I can't even do 1 layer correctly. You have to use the quality setting in Settings > Plug Ins and tone down the JPEG2000 quality level so you can at least edit.