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Can't open any canopus codecs based avi into Mac

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  • Can't open any canopus codecs based avi into Mac

    For 14 years now my video company used Canopus hard and software.
    And for the last 4 years we have cauptured most of our video archive into 12 TB Hard drives.
    For a new production contract and a new partner we purchased a Power Mac Pro intel based with Final Cut Pro6 installed.

    But now we do have a problem as we can't open any clip captured with Canopus cards such as Storm2.

    Does some one knows any work around for this before I have to capture all those video clips again into the Apple?
    Thanks for any ideas..

    Regards, Peter John

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    This question has come up a few times. There is no support for Canopus codecs under Mac OS.

    You're best off using ProCoder to convert the files into a format that Final Cut will recognised (e.g. MSDV, Quicktime DV, Uncompressed)


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      MPEG Streamclip does a great job of converting on the Mac or PC and is comparatively fast (and free!).
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