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  • way to blue ray


    I'm working with a Sony hd Fx7 cam, i use edius with hd configuration pal (eu)
    I want to burn a blue ray disc in encore cs3 mpeg 2
    Which encoder must i use, to have finaly full hd on my tv,
    must i use mpeg 2 ts or meg2 program?

    Sorry for my poor english.
    My capacities with edius are at the same level!

    Screenshots are strongly recommended

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    this is a long way to go - with lots of different possibilities how to do that and in the end different quality levels on the BD-R/RE.
    My best advise is to read the blue ray threads and to learn
    from it.
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      thank you for the answer, but...

      i thought that just an mpeg 2 hd 2 export, but which one?, and then importing in encore cs3 was easy.
      I just need to know which preset shoul i use and how? (transport stream or program, etc...)
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        Use 1440X1080, that is what your camera record, use the preset that Shueardm put up on the ProCoder forum.
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