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    Hello to all
    We are just about to purchase 2x Sony pmw ex3s {when they are released soon here in the uk} to replace our 2 pana hvx 200 cameras.
    I know some of you might think what a disgrace jumping ship but we have been with pana for a long time now and just want to give Sony a go with what we consider to be a superior camera.Anyway along with this purchase we our having a new computer built and the builders say that grunt is needed to edit in Edius to handle the long gop codec more than the dvcpro hd codec.Well fair enough but as Edius users could you tell me your workflows in version 4.61 to edit and handle 1920x1080 35mbs mxf footage from the new ex3 and if you convert to canopus HQ as you bring in your footage.
    Some of you might already be doing similar with the ex1and I would like to know if you are happy with Edius and your workflow.
    Many thanks in advance
    Edius Version 7.4.Win 7 pro
    -Dual Xeon i7 2.66 Ghz x 5550quadcore NehalemHyper/Threading.SupermicroX8DAI motherboard. 1xwestern dig 32mb cache drive.2x 1tb samsung 32mb cache sata drives. 6x 2GB DDR3 ECC RAM.nVidia-gtx 760 card.Procoder3,Prodad,New Blue,Blufftitler After Effects,cinemasuite etc.

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    Read the following post

    Since then I built some more expensive systems (Quad Xeon Supermicros) but the editing experience was almost the same...
    Aristotelis Bafaloukos
    Systems Engineer, Video Editor, 3D Artist
    BEng (Hons), MSc, MBCS



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      You can always throw more disk space at the problem and convert to Canopus HQ -- that is just as editable in realtime as DVCProHD.


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        I'm presently using Edius to edit footage from an EX1, the workflow is straightforward, quick and reliable. In comparrison to FCP, the realtime and rendering performance is way, way faster; both software running on a MacPro with dual 2.66GHz CPUs, 7GB RAM and an internal SATA RAID 0 drive for FCP and a single SATA drive for Edius. In my opinion there is no comparrison for the sort of work that I do, Edius is streets ahead. If necessary I can save my Edius edit in QT and import that into any of the Final Cut Studio applications for further specialist work, but this doesn't happen that often!

        Good luck,