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    You're in luck, I ran into this when I tried to install Vista :) (Check my specs, it's a 2nd gen Mac Pro)
    You're trying to install Vista right? If not, you might run into this via XP as well, but I haven't.

    What you need to do when you install Vista is NOT delete the 2 partitions that Bootcamp creates...that is a large partition which you set the size, and a smaller one (it keeps a boot sector here).

    What you need to do is start bootcamp again under OSX and "restore to a single partition". Start Disk Utility under OSX and repair the partition (if it doesn't let you you have to boot from the Mac disc and repair from there). Once repaired go back into OSX and make a new partition again.

    Now try to install Vista again but this time pick BOOTCAMP partition and hit FORMAT. It will format to NTFS and everything will be ok. If this is XP, format to NTFS as well.

    Let me know how it goes, it took me a while and some Google research to find out why I got this error.

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  • Shibaluv
    Guest started a topic boot camp install

    boot camp install

    I know this is not necessarily the right place for this, but I'm in bind and I know many of you have been there already. I'm trying to install Windows on my new MAC under boot camp so that I can install Edius, BUT...., every time it tries to install, I get a corrupted hal.dll error. So far, every fix I've tried has failed. Any of you out there have this problem, and if so, what was your fix?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.