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keyboard shortcut to sync audio&video

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  • keyboard shortcut to sync audio&video

    hello i want to sync audio and video.if edius have keyboard shortcut for move audio along video to sync it?

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    If your clip is out of sync, there should be a red numbers on the edge of video/audio clip, with +/- regarding how much it's out of sync (the numbers represent the frames out of sync).

    Now you can separate groups (Alt+G), and simply dragg audio or video till it's correct(of course, you need to re-group it again to make sure it worked).

    Also, you can try locking the track (for example, video V 1) and moving the other (in this case, Audio), some find this way easier.


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      tk.but if i want move audio without drag and drop what kind of keyboard short cut can i use?


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        After the clip is already in timeline window, I'm really not sure if you can move it any way without using a mouse.

        If this is possible, then it's something new to me. It means I could do almost or absolutely everything using only keyboard.


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          i find it: Select the F6 Key to go into trim mode

          Select the Roll Edit

          now use the < or > key to nudge .its useful for editing 35mm films.


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            it appears you were trying to find how to nudge a clip

            this can be done with the , and . keys after selecting the clip edges

            I created a shortcut key for nudge

            go to customize, keyboard shortcuts, find "Trim-select roll"

            apply a keyboard shortcut, in my case F9

            to use, select any clip, press F9, then use , or . to nudge
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              I use the keyboard shortcut at the right of the . (instead of F9) , it seems to me more helpfull.

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