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Importing Multiple Clips from sub folders

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  • Importing Multiple Clips from sub folders

    Hi all, I am attempting to import multiple clips into the bin window.

    The footage was captured onto a sony HDD 60gig HDV recorder then transfered straight to our Editing Hard Drive via IEEE after the shoot.

    I am now left with 100's folders with each shot in its own in its own folder.
    This is know taking ages to import them as i have to import them one at a time. (sort of beats the purpose of 3 x capture speed)

    Is there any way to import the .M2T clips from the sub folders with in the main folder?

    kind regards,
    Stuart Yates

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    Try this:

    First get all folders in the Bin by right-clicking the Folder area of the Bin and choosing Open Folder.

    Choose the folder (or root) containing the folders and clips you want to import.

    This will create a corresponding folder in the Bin and import all the content within that folder, preserving subfolders, if any.

    If that's how you want to organize things, then you're done.
    If you want all your clips "flat" in the same place, then continue reading...

    Right-click the root folder in the Bin and choose Search.

    Essentially we want to create a search that grabs everything from the folder that was added with Open Folder

    Choose Category Timeline reference
    Choose Type Not used
    Click Add
    Ensure the Search only current folder root option is not enabled
    Click Close

    The Bin can even track multiple Search queries, so if you wanted to you could "organize" things simply using multiple Search results (you can rename them like Bin folders) and without moving clips from folder to folder in the Bin at all.

    But for the sake of this exercise, we'll move the clip references in the Bin. Remember that this does not move the physical files, just the Bin references.

    Now, select everything in the list and drag it to the root folder, or whatever folder you want.

    You can right-click your Search results and choose Clear to get rid of it.


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      all good thanks